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Wrist Pain Specialist

Bluewater Orthopedics

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Wrist pain is a common but annoying problem that can interfere with your ability to type, make calls, or hold eating utensils. At Bluewater Orthopedics, the experienced team of orthopedic surgeons boasts years of experience treating wrist pain using safe, minimally invasive means. To make an appointment at the practice in Crestview, Destin, or Niceville, Florida, call the nearest office or click the online booking tool today.

Wrist Pain Q & A

What is wrist pain?

Wrist pain refers to any stiffness, swelling, or general discomfort that affects your wrist. Often, it’s a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it can also be caused by sports injuries, arthritis, or fractures.

What are the symptoms of wrist pain?

Common symptoms of wrist pain include:

  • Swollen fingers
  • Difficulty gripping or holding onto objects
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers
  • Sudden, sharp pain in the hand
  • Warmth in your wrist joint

Many people with wrist pain also experience difficulty making a fist.

What are some common causes of wrist pain?

At Bluewater Orthopedics, the team regularly treats wrist pain caused by:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an overuse injury that causes your median nerve to become compressed. The median nerve is located in the palm of your hand and provides sensations to your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

If your job requires repetitive motions like typing or the use of hand tools, you’re at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, with early intervention and treatment, it’s possible to manage. 

Wrist injuries

Wrist injuries can occur while playing sports, working, or as a result of a fall or car accident. Some wrist injuries happen suddenly, while others occur slowly over an extended period.


Arthritis is a group of chronic diseases that affect the joints. It causes long-term inflammation that makes it increasingly difficult to perform routine tasks. Though there’s no cure for arthritis, it’s possible to manage with healthy lifestyle changes and medication.

How is wrist pain diagnosed?

To diagnose wrist pain, the team at Bluewater Orthopedics physically examines your wrist and tests its range of motion. Next, they tap the bottom of your hand (near the location of the median nerve) to see if you experience any discomfort.

If these tests don’t provide enough information, the team orders X-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan. These diagnostic imaging procedures allow your provider to detect potentially serious issues not visible to the naked eye.

How is wrist pain treated?

Treatment of wrist pain depends on the underlying cause, the severity of your symptoms, and their effects on your daily life. Following an exam, your Bluewater Orthopedics provider might recommend:

  • Ice and heat therapy
  • A splint or a cast
  • Physical therapy
  • Over-the-counter pain medication

If your wrist pain is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, the team might recommend surgical intervention to repair your median nerve.

To receive treatment for wrist pain, make an appointment at Bluewater Orthopedics by calling the nearest office or by clicking the online booking tool today.